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All Things Toronto FC and the Canadian National Team

Finding a Home: Where Should Toronto’s CPL Team Play?

We have learned a lot recently about the Canadian Premier League. Winnipeg and Hamilton are sure things, and there will be many more to follow. Halifax, Quebec City, and Edmonton also appear to be close. Personally, I would love to... Continue Reading →

The CPL, TFC, and the Dutch Big Three

The Canadian Premier League (CPL) is almost here. It’s about time. Though the official start date for matches is still uncertain, that appears to be a mere wrinkle to iron out. It is no secret that this league will be... Continue Reading →

The Canadian Premier League: The Missing Piece to Our Developmental Puzzle

An opportunity for the forgotten. A place for the late bloomer. A glimmer of hope for those that have slipped through the cracks of the academies. If you build it they will come. The Canadian Premier League is almost here.... Continue Reading →

World Cup 2026: Here’s Looking at You Toronto

“All I want to see is Canada play in the World Cup in my lifetime!” Sound familiar? Sure does. For those Canadian Men’s National Team fans that never had the privilege to witness 1986, it looks like your wish may... Continue Reading →

The Supporters Shield: Why TFC Should Make it the Goal

Sometimes I need to slap myself to believe that it is real, but Toronto FC has become one of the best franchises in Major League Soccer over the last two seasons. No joke. I think as fans, we can get... Continue Reading →

TFC & The 2018 CCL Debacle: An Alternative

An exquisite left-footed strike at the death by Will Johnson sealed the deal - an act of bravery that came with a just reward. The Voyageurs Cup shockingly snatched from the clutches of the Vancouver Whitecaps in front of a... Continue Reading →

Owe Canada: TFC’s Obligation to its Canadian Players

By all accounts, last Saturday’s Toronto FC match in Philadelphia was cold. Real cold. It was the second week in a row where the elements had an effect on a match involving the Reds. We all know that MLS is... Continue Reading →

A New Dawn: More Than Meets the Eye

This was an exciting week. This time of year usually is. When Toronto FC sends out its Season Seat Holder ticket packages, there is always a feeling of anticipation that goes with it. That has been the case since we... Continue Reading →

The CPL & The Voyageurs Cup: A Match Made in Heaven

The romance of the cup. A setting for a famous victory. Expect the unexpected. Cup soccer is unique. There is something about competitions with a knockout style format that raise the bar. Tensions are heightened. One mistake can lead to... Continue Reading →

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