This was an exciting week. This time of year usually is. When Toronto FC sends out its Season Seat Holder ticket packages, there is always a feeling of anticipation that goes with it. That has been the case since we received our first package in 2007. What is the ticket design? What little goodies have they decided to throw in? But the most pressing question, one that creates the most wonder, is, what is the scarf going to look like?

For me, it has been the one souvenir that I have kept from each one of my packages since Day 1. I use my tickets. Never do I print off a copy unless I absolutely have to. The scarf is enough for me to remember the seasons of yore.

The 2017 season will be different. A New Dawn, as the club proclaims. One which entrenches TFC as a power and a team of destiny. One that begins something great, something more than just a soccer club. The scarf definitely sends that message. Here is a peek if you haven’t seen it already:


I like it. It is different than what we’re used to. Well, I don’t hate it. It has a wearability that transcends soccer. Something that you can wear on the street that doesn’t scream soccer fanatic. My wife won’t be embarrassed about me wearing it that’s for sure. If it helps me solve that problem, I’m all for it. Fashion that is meant for everyday life. I think that is the message that the club wants to send. Here is a small note that the club included with the package:



Symbol. Style. These are buzzwords that are important in the message. Creating a brand that is bigger than the game. Something that attracts new fans and allows the club to branch out beyond the typical revenue streams that are available to most clubs. Don’t be surprised if we see the logo appear more often in the fashion world as time goes by. Why stop there? How about bottles of alcohol? Jewellery? Cologne?


Juventus went through a similar rebrand recently. Creating a more clean and simple version of what they feel best represents their club. Less is more:



These are great opportunities to grow and become a global power. Juventus has made that clear and simple here.

It seems like TFC is developing quite the relationship with the Italian giants – the Sebastian Giovinco transfer, Viareggio Cup. This would just be a natural by-product of that cooperation – not only doing business with them, but doing business like them.

When you create a brand, you want to maximize its potential. Have it do things for you that would be otherwise be unthinkable. In TFC’s case this would be attracting new fans, carving out new revenues, and trying to find their position in the global marketplace. In my case, if it makes the club a perennial contender, and helps them achieve glory that we have yet to witness, I’m all for it.

Let us welcome A New Dawn, and wear the scarf with as much pride as ever. 

By William Jamieson